Elizabeth Warren’s tax plan soaks the middle class and gives a huge tax break to the rich

Democrats have an awful lot of ambitious spending plans ready to go if they retake the White House: Medicare for All (and all means illegal aliens), the Green New Deal, race-based reparations, etc., etc.. All of this is going to cost a lot of money, more than this country has spent, at least, since the Second World War. How are they going to pay for it?

Well, a new piece in The New York Times suggests how; it’s one of their favorite plans: abolish the cap on the payroll tax. Elizabeth Warren says she wants to hike the actual tax rate, too. So what would this mean?

Well, it would mean a massive tax hike for all middle income families that rely primarily on wages. Now this is the point to note: normal people rely on the money they make every two weeks. The people in charge of everything rely on dividends for which they are taxed one-half the rate of everyone else. So this tax plan would not harm the sinister rich that Elizabeth Warren bashes while depending on their donations; no, it would harm doctors, lawyers, dentists, software programmers, small business owners, people who are stuck working in America’s most expensive cities, who are paying off the most in student loans. They’re the ones who have to pay full freight for health care, child care, tuition, everything else, because they don’t qualify for any program. These are the people paying for everything and getting shafted.

The New York Times calls these people “the affluent” but, in fact, most of them are part of the middle class, the middle class that is declining as it gets more and more overstressed. But Democrats are ready to hurt these people, soak them even more in taxes because every dime
extracted from them is a dime that doesn’t have to come from the Democratic Party’s actual base: the ultra wealthy, in many cases, inherited wealthy in Silicon Valley, in Wall Street, and Washington DC.

Just so you know, they’re not gonna soak the rich; they’re gonna soak you.

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