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Certified Public Accountants are often characterized as stiff, lifeless, mechanical, humorless, myopic, anal, compulsive, regimented, geeky, and boring; however, in spite of these relatively complimentary epithets, they have been much maligned as well, particularly by marketing individuals. Although all of these characterizations may indeed hit the mark about many CPAs, these stereotypical descriptions do not apply to all CPAs: maybe 99.9% of them, but certainly not 100% of them. In an attempt to set the record straight, and under the penname of the Barefoot Accountant, William Brighenti began writing a blog not only to discuss accounting, taxes, and QuickBooks subjects, but to publicize the CPA's human side, which was, in fact, uncovered quite by accident by Charles Darwin in the 1830s while he was on the Galapagos Islands looking for their fossils, refuting the mistaken belief that CPAs had become an extinct species centuries ago. Hopefully, you may find some of the Barefoot Accountant’s blog postings not only informative but entertaining, since he pokes fun at his colleagues, as well at himself, at every available opportunity. Such publicized irreverence of the accounting profession accounts for much of the disdain expressed towards the Barefoot Accountant throughout the entire Milky Way and beyond by virtually every Certified Public Accountant, who have been applying to the Vatican to reinstate the Inquisition in order to burn him at the stake. Bill has appealed to the Pope for intervention, a plenary indulgence, and a charitable donation made out to cash.

The CIA NSA FBI are today’s Gestapo. Didn’t they create a phony Russian investigation to overthrow a Presidency?


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36 tweets by Darryl Cooper aka @MartyrMade on July 8 2021 on why Trump supporters believe the 2020 election was fraudulent

Tucker Carlson: Well, the US presidential election took place a little over eight months ago and even now many people who voted for Donald Trump believed there was something fraudulent about the whole thing. Why do they think that? Well, … Continue reading

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Blood tests reveal that the Coronavirus COVID-19 originated before September 2019 and China knew and hid its origins

Tucker Carlson: The coronavirus pandemic is a global fraud perpetrated by China, abetted by the powerful More than a year into the pandemic, we still don’t know its full story Tucker Carlson By Tucker Carlson | Fox News Tucker: COVID-19 … Continue reading

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Democratic elites are promoting a class system based on race and gender and sexual orientation

Tucker Carlson: The ‘diversity’ delusion and the destruction of the American meritocracy Imagining a truly diverse corporate America Tucker: Elites using identity politics to preserve class system ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host accuses liberals of pushing Biden to use gender, race … Continue reading

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With Joe Biden we get fascism: the collusion of government and corporatism

Tucker Carlson: A Biden victory would usher in the Age of Oligarchy | Fox News If Joe Biden wins, the tech companies, the big banks, Beijing and the billionaire class will have won as well Editor’s Note: This article is … Continue reading

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The mainstream media and the Democratic Party and the intelligence agencies and the tech monopolies are your enemies. Like fascists they are misleading you with propaganda so that you will obey.

  Tucker Carlson: Hunter Biden scandal shows media collusion with powerful is the real threat to America When journalists strike secret alliances with the very people they’re supposed to be holding accountable, we are in deep trouble. Editor’s Note: This … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald says that the Democratic Party, NSA, CIA, Neocons, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, mainstream media have united to impose an authoritarian government of censorship and suppression of information

The CIA from the very first days of the Trump administration, even before he was inaugurated, devoted themselves to sabotaging the administration because Donald Trump questioned just a few of their pieties. And that can’t be done in Washington. Whoever does that must be destroyed.

And so the CIA and the Deep State operatives became heroes of the liberal left, the people who support the Democratic party. They’re now in a full union with the neocons, the Bush Cheney operatives, the CIA, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street. That is the union of power along with mainstream media outlets that are fully behind the Democratic party, which is likely to at least take over one branch of government, if not all of them, with the coming election, and that is a very alarming proposition because they’re authoritarian, they believe in censorship, and they believe in suppression of information that exposes them in any kind of a critical light. Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald says the corruption in the U.S. News Media is absolutely pervasive

Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden emerged to speak to a local news station in Milwaukee. I haven’t heard much from him recently. He said virtually nothing about that New York post series about his son’s laptop and the emails on it … Continue reading

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Big Tech opposes temporary blocking of H-1B guest worker visas because it wants to give your childrens’ jobs to cheap foreign labor

Well, Silicon Valley, the most powerful group of business lobbyists in the world, is now pushing the Trump administration to roll back its executive order on guest workers. They say their concern is diversity. It’s obviously nonsense so what’s the … Continue reading

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Is Tucker Carlson accusing Republican officeholders of not defending normal American citizens?

Tucker Carlson: Voters need to demand change from the GOP Republicans must work as hard as they can to make America fair again. On Monday night’s show, we interviewed a U.S. Senator called Mike Braun. Braun is a Republican who … Continue reading

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